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Cartago Software


Increase efficiency / Reduce Costs

Companies spend 2 to 5% of their total revenue on the generation of business documents. Thereby, constantly increasing requirements regarding individualization in customer contact and consistent presentation of the corporate identity must be emphasized. Companies with several business locations often have to struggle with so-called isolated applications, such as the use of different software. By implementing the solution from Cartago Software, about 40 to 60% of the above-mentioned costs can be reduced, thus increasing the profit of the entire company.

The cornerstone

It was exactly for this twofold problem that Manuel Niemeyer decided to create a solution by founding Cartago Software in 2008. He used his extensive knowledge of document and output management through his 15 years of professional experience in this field. The analog cornerstone of Cartago has always finds a prominent place in our office.


This vision is now being realized and developed by our young and international team, showing true passion for our product. Every opinion, every suggestion and every idea finds an open ear. If they contribute to optimization, they are also implemented in small to large projects. Our flat hierarchy is a supporting factor in this. The open and personal dialogue is not only important to us within the company, we also build up a relationship with our customers and are happy to receive criticism or suggestions for improvement.