Automobile manufacturers have a large number of employees. Often, due to the sheer volume, there may be inaccuracies in the necessary documents. With our solutions, a multitude of sources of error are eliminated, because which employee and employer wants to spend time rectifying such elementary things as pay slips and wage tax assessments. With Cartago®Live, the timely and fully automatic creation of the necessary employee documents can be ensured.

Public administration

It is often a problem for public institutions to present a unified image in terms of content and appearance. It may be that individual employees have to deal with too much individual processing or that different locations work with individual “island solutions”. In most cases, however, the large number of documents poses a challenge.
With our solutions, completely new workflows can be created. The option to create serial letters in a legally compliant manner saves resources. If you suffer from one of the problems just mentioned or if there is any other room for improvement, we can also help your administrative office to optimize existing structures or to create new ones.

Travel Company

Vacation is important for Germans. Improve contact with customers through completely new ways of creating travel documents and distributing information material. Extend customer contact, for example with vouchers or brochures. Make it clear to your customers through easy-to-implement personal addresses that the importance of a relaxed, smooth vacation is very important to you or offer the opportunity to fill out booking documents online. With the advantage that you have the data obtained in this way practically and clearly available in a data pool and that all incoming and outgoing travel documents are always correct in terms of content and appearance.


Customer communication

Nasdaq Inc. estimates that by 2040 around 95% of trade will move to the Internet. This change also requires a focus on customer communication. Automated processes and appealing customer letters are only the tip of the iceberg. With the Cartago®Live Suite you bring your entire customer communication to a new level and pursue a holistic approach. You put your customer in focus. Generate order confirmations or invoices, but also shipping labels and internal and external delivery notes as email or PDF. Cartago Software GmbH also offers other solutions for monitoring and improving your customer communication.


The men, women and families who are customers of an insurance company want to see more in it than just a business relationship. At the same time, error-free communication and consistency are valued. Cartago Software GmbH uses simple tricks to help build the most personal relationship possible with a large number of customers. A clear data pool system as well as the versatile possibilities in the creation of templates for all necessary areas of customer communication, our solutions for the office and field service as well as our workflow optimization will be noticed positively by the insured.


Production and Industry

Digitization and industrialization in manufacturing companies has been in full swing for some time. In addition to the use of modern production machines, the processes related to production are also brought up to date in numerous companies. Cartago Software GmbH uses the most modern technologies and a service-oriented solution architecture for its suite. This guarantees a process-oriented and seamlessly integrable solution. Due to the high flexibility of the Cartago®Live Suite, a platform-independent and continuous integration is given.