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In order to release your documents in Cartago®Live DocEngine, either seach for any templates created in Cartago®Live DocEngine for your business or search for a newly designed template within the Cartago®Live Designer.

Always be up to date, which templates are installed in your Cartago®Live Desinger and when those will be released for which production step. Check this with a central view on all processes.

Cartago®Live DocEngine convinces through multiple configurations for various functioned designed for document creation. Use the user friendly web surface of Cartago®Live Workflow & Staging to activate or configure any functions by just a few clicks.

Cartago®Life Workflow & Staging

When companies make changes to the layout of their documents, the change is first made on a development system. Initial checks of the change can be carried out here with pure test data. After approval, the template is transported to the QA environment, overwriting the old version. After repeated tests, the final step follows, the productive switching of the new template.

One of the first completely new functions of the staging tool is the workflow area. Create company-specific workflows in this area and use graphic representations of our products. Use these diagrams as the actual configuration of our software and specify, for example, that the QA environment may only be transported into the Prod environment. Furthermore, the graphic representation is a good starting point to familiarize new colleagues with the Cartago solution within your company. Find out in which section a new document template is currently located. Our system will present the answer in the form of a progress bar or a predefined color scheme based on it.

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It is already possible for authorized users of the Cartago®Live Designer to release a modified template directly into the Cartago®Live DocEngine of the development environment. With the Cartago®Live Staging Tool we offer a full upgrade of the previous staging process in terms of user friendliness and GUI. In addition, we are developing new features to optimally support a multi-level system such as SAP.

The new front end enables staging from a source (Designer or DocEngine) to the desired target system. Use drag & drop or checkboxes and buttons. Further detailed information on the templates can be displayed with one click. The level of detail is configurable. There is also the option of comparing the metadata of the templates in tabular form.

Define your workflow. Make sure that any changes you made to your documenst will run through each of your set steps. A typical staging is described by firstly development, secondly test and lastly production.

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