Cartago Data Manager

Cartago Data Manager

Optimize billing process

A project with a partner company brought movement into the Data Manager again and opened up new possibilities for merging data from different source systems as well as the harmonization of output documents in ZUGFeRD format. The customer was a service broker and the first project phase revolved around the billing process for a major customer and the actual service providers.

Starting position

The starting point was a process involving exports from two different systems, which were then merged into one format through multiple manual steps for the production of invoice and credit note documents and reports. The manual steps were so error-prone that a lot of energy and development went into avoidance mechanisms.

ZUGFerD Output

The replacement of this system just described by fully automatic processes was directly linked to the customer’s efforts to convert the billing process to electronic transmission using the ZUGFeRD format. The ZUGFeRD format is characterized by the fact that all invoice data is sent electronically as an XML attachment within a PDF / A file. Companies can use the PDF file for archiving and read and process the XML data automatically.


The system runs in the cloud (AWS server) and the encrypted transmission to the source systems works via SSL. The solution accesses the source system with the master data once a day in order to have it available in the current state for the creation of invoice documents. The other source system with movement data starts the automatic process several times a day via a push to our data manager. After the transaction data has been received, the necessary master data is added and written to an output file in ZUGFeRD format.


In order to generate invoice documents outside of the ZUGFeRD schema as well as reports, the ZUGFeRD XML has been expanded to include additional fields. So every template can be produced with the same XML. For each production run, an invoice, a credit note and possibly an invoice for the agency fee are generated and sent as PDF attachments to the relevant addresses via an e-mail server. The PDF / A invoice is created exactly according to ZUGFeRD specifications and can therefore be processed automatically. The system regularly generates reports on the services provided as .csv and forwards them to a dedicated interface for evaluation by a monitor system.

Data Manager

The further developments in the data consolidation and generation of documents according to the ZUGFeRD standard now form new options within the concept of our data manager. The previous options in data preparation and conversion for standardized subsequent processes are supplemented by programs such as the CartagoLive DocEngine or the Cartago®Live Workspace

Output via e-mail, web service or archive

Extension of the data if desired

Uniform data format for all documents (ZUGFeRD XML)

Automatic processes

Cloud based installation
(e.g. AWS)

Audit of the whole process

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