Digital payroll

Digital payroll

Paper printing

Companies are moving away from classic printing on paper. The reasons for this are environmental protection, cost reduction and the steadily increasing digitization of employees and customers. The monthly payroll process offers the potential to reduce annual paper consumption, but there are also challenges such as data protection that need to be taken into account.

The solution

In the past year, Cartago has developed a solution that employees of a group can use to access payment documents in a portal within the company’s SAP. Cartago contributed to the success of the implementation with further developments of the existing SAP programs, interfaces, encryption as well as the central document design and the production of the PDF files on dedicated servers. The archive, in which the remuneration documents are kept retrospectively for 24 months, and the portal for viewing / printing the remuneration statements were contributed by the customer and third-party companies.

Parallel processes

It was important that the paper printing in the first GoLive phase runs parallel to the new digital printing. In this way, employees can gradually decide to forego the monthly letters entirely. For this purpose, we have expanded the already adapted SAP program for the preparation of the monthly pay slip by a direct interface to the production servers with the Cartago®Live DocEngine. A print spooler is no longer necessary here, but an encrypted transmission of the data.

PDF production

After the data set has been transferred to the Cartago server, PDF production begins there according to the customer’s specifications. The PDFs are read-only to make manipulation by employees more difficult. The files are also secured with modern encryption before they are written to the archive via an interface defined by the customer. In addition, the files are enriched with metadata that is necessary for later retrieval in the SAP portal. The templates for the remuneration documents come from the Cartago®Live Designer. The same templates can be used that are also used for the PDFs to be printed.

Display in the portal

If an employee now wants to view and / or print out the payroll, he or she logs into the system via the personalized SAP access and sees a list of the possible payouts in a user interface. After double-clicking, the file is decrypted, which is then displayed at the workstation. This encryption takes place immediately after the PDFs have been created; only a very small group has access to the production server. If there are problems with production or storage in the customer archive, this information is returned to SAP. In this way, those responsible can take the necessary steps, such as initiating post-production.

Safety is the top priority

In the project, great importance was always attached to security and data protection, since it is sensitive data. For this reason, encryption before storage in the archive and decryption was only chosen after user request. Cartago®Live also offers options for transferring documents to an e-mail server or making them available in HTML form in other web portals. In smaller companies it is also possible to arrange for fresh production of HR documents on demand upon user request. Are you thinking about significantly reducing your annual print output but need advice on risks and opportunities? Do not hesitate to contact us!


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