Cartago Live for SAP

Cartago Live for SAP


Template Design by the Cartago®Live Designer für SAP®. Obtainable as Saas/Cloud and onPremise. Including DaaS (Design as a Service)


Preview of your email and print as HTML5 or PDF attachment. HTML5 for desktop and mobile devices is provided.

Email Tracking for SAP®

Electronic transmission via portal and tracking from a SAP console including maximum control over printing via an external output management system.

Solutions for SAP

Is it of importance to you to modernice and automatize manuel processes in your company? Standart software oftentimes reaches its technical limits trying to handle your needs.

Develop your individual and webbased software solution in cooparation with us! Since 2008 featuring our software we develope individual and made-to-measure solutions for document management for mid-sized businesses and big companies.

Our software is adjusted just for you precisly onto your requirements and workflows of your business. Individual software distingquishes itself due to a lean funcionality, competitive edge, future-proofness and a agile, flixible and realtime adaptability.

Encrypting for SAP® Documents

Encrypt your documents with Cartago®Live Security solutions.

eSignature Service

Use our eSignature Services for your documents. Saas and onPremise variants are available.

HighVolume Engine

Create onDemand as well as high colume output by the Cartago®Live Engine for SAP®.