Social commitment

Strengthening the region with social commitment

Cartago is giving a helping hand

Cartago actively assumes social responsibility in Landshut. This is because company chief Manuel Niemeyer is convinced that external performance levels are based on the power of inner strength. And this is why he and his team are actively supporting various social projects in Landshut, the beautiful Gothic city just outside of Munich, the home of the business. Corona in particular has shown that there is still a lot still to do in relation to the family and social situations on site. Projects and campaigns that are particularly important to the team members are being funded.

Our donation 2023

A spark of humanity for orphans in Turkey At Christmas, we collected €800 to support the orphans affected by the earthquake disaster. Over 56,000 people died in the earthquake on February 6 and many children lost their families. We are delighted that the Cartago team is making a contribution to make the lives of these orphans a little brighter. Munich Airport Association

The Birthday Marathon

Every year, Manuel Niemeyer organises a “birthday marathon” for his private circle of friends. He donates the amount he collects, or his birthday present, to a regional project.

The Landshuter corporate challenge

The company regularly takes part in the Landshut corporate challenge with “Cartago is running”. Cartago makes a donation to the “die Tafel” association in Landshut for every runner who takes part. This not only doubles the pleasure of running, but also helps people in the region in a meaningful way.

lebensmut Landshut e.V. - Living with cancer

Those suffering from cancer in Germany do not receive ay funding for therapy-accompanying measures such as art therapy, breathing therapy, Qi Gong or aromatherapy. The Lebensmut Landshut association, which is financed exclusively from donations, provides all cancer patients in the Landshut region with the psycho-oncological care they need during this difficult period of their lives. It is because of this that they can help and give life courage!

Frauenhaus Landshut (the Landshut Women's Refuge)

This offers endangered women and their children temporary accommodation and protection from physical and mental abuse to which they have been exposed as a result of domestic violence. Here people will be given the opportunity to have some breathing space, to deal with their own experiences and to learn to develop new life perspectives for themselves.

The Landshut Network

The purpose of the association to provide psychosocial and therapeutic support for the socially disadvantaged, in particular the mentally ill/mentally handicapped or people with addictions, as well whilst also providing open work for senior citizens.

Sonderpädagogisches Förderzentrum Landshut-Stadt e.V. (Landshut City Specialist Centre for Education)

The support association of the Landshut-Stadt e.V. special educational support centre provides support for school, integrative and extracurricular activities. Educational projects such as school camps, class trips, holiday excursions or extracurricular teaching projects are supported and made possible through a series of donations and a wide variety of activities. The association attaches genuine significance to relieving prejudices against schoolchildren, and promoting their integration into society by doing so.

ISAR HEAZAL - helfende Hände für Vier- und Zweibeiner e.V. (Helping Hands for two and four-legged creatures).

The association wants to help those in need and the homeless with donations in the form of food, animal feed and various everyday items. Salvaging food is a major part of the job. Far too much good quality food is thrown away every day. This is collected by volunteers and passed on to those in need. This means that the association can bring a little joy to those in need and the homeless and always has an open ear for any issues which may arise at the same time.

Good ideas

The intelligent matching platform for prospective trainees and training companies wants to revolutionise trainee recruitment as well as entire career paths and career choice progression. The platform brings people looking for training course and training companies together more accurately and more sustainably by using self-learning algorithms.

It will get under way with the pilot phase in Lower Bavaria in October 2021.

The Zonta Christmas tree of wishes

ZONTA is a worldwide association of working women in responsible roles and sees itself as a modern network for supporting and developing women in work and society. It is a non-partisan, non-denominational and ideologically neutral organisation in which women volunteer for other women on both an international and local scale. ZONTA stands for a service to people, respect for human rights, friendship, mutual understanding and commitment against violence and oppression.

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