The digital future of document management

Do you want to make your document management program fit for the digital future? We would be happy to be your innovative and flexible partner if you have a high data volumes, want to make your work processes more efficient and value CI-compliant documents. Our software products adapt precisely to your requirements, whether with our proven standard solutions or our special solutions specifically developed for your needs. We will collectively make your company both digital and future-proof.

Powerful and flexible

Digital document management with the Cartago®Live Suite

We automate, standardise and digitise your template design and document management processes with our high-performance and easy-to-integrate Cartago®Live Suite solutions. Our solutions are always based on your existing IT landscapes or new cloud systems. The Cartago®Live Suite products are used by well-known large companies around the world in a wide variety of industries.

The Cartago®Live Suite
This is how digital document management works:

Central template management on modernised systems should make it as easy and effective as possible for the user to create templates with a uniform appearance and a modern look. Business documents can be produced both efficiently and reliably, in bulk or as part of individual post-processing. We have the right document solution for you., whether it be classic printing, e-mail attachments, responsive HTML5 e-mails or label printing.

Creating and managing templates

Cartago®Live Designer

You can create and manage simple to highly complex templates and master templates without any technical knowledge. Intuitive and browser based from building block oriented template designs.

The interactive Workplace

Cartago®Live Workspace

This combines the flexibility of individual letter writing with corporate design requirements and the automated processing of business transactions.

Automated document processing

Cartago®Live Doc Engine

This automatically produces documents in a variety of formats and application scenarios, such as on-demand batch in output formats such as label/e-mail as well as for print and archive processes

Efficient data management

Cartago®Live Data Manager

This acquires and harmonises data that originates from the most diverse data storage systems, makes it available remotely and allows it to be used in one single location.

Seamlessly digital with the electronic signature.

Cartago Sign

You needn’t wait any longer for one or more signatures by post, registered post and return receipt! Digital signature processes are simple, fast and legally compliant.

Simplify the staging and workflow processes

Cartago®Live Workflow & Staging

This facilitates the organisation of template creation throughout all of the production phases. Workflow processes can be easily configured both technically and visually by using diagrams.

Compare document versions pixel by pixel

Cartago®Live PDF Compare

You can identify the most minute differences in digital document comparisons both easily and intuitively. These are logged and generated as automated reports for quality assurance purposes.

A client and employee portal for document processing

Cartago®Live Portal Client

The flexible and versatile configuration options make the operation more efficient whether during post-processing, forwarding, tracking or archiving.

The main benefits

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Up to 60 % cost savings

High levels of efficiency via central document management and the automation of document-based processes within the business.

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Seamless integration

The highly flexible architectural style of our solutions can be easily adapted to a variety of existing IT landscapes and to your requirements.

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Good usability

It is no dependent on one location and is easy to apply for the user. It facilitates or saves internal communication which is a drain on resources.

That is true of our Cartago®Live Suite

  • Around 40 million recipients of documents are created by our solutions each month
  • Over 60 million documents are created with our solutions every month
  • 3 million payslips
  • 30 million mobile phone bills
  • 2 million interactive documents
  • 15 million electronic documents
  • 0.5 million labels per month
  • Thousands of Cartago solutions users
  • Well-known large companies from all industry sectors
  • Used around the world

Experience Cartago solutions live

You will have the opportunity to get to know the solutions from Cartago Software better and find the answers to your questions during a live demo.

This is what our customers and partners say about us:

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