Every day we produce half a million emails/PDFs
for the e-commerce sector High frequency.
Highly complex. Highly dynamic.

Communicating with your 21st-century online customers

Good customer communication builds trust. This particularly holds true given the anonymity of online shopping. Online shoppers expect immediate email responses at any time of day or night. In order to be able to deliver automated, digital customer communications, online retailers must have complex structures in place, backed up by programming expertise, stable systems that can cope with high traffic volumes, a secure and comprehensive email admin system and a whole host of other components that contribute to ensuring that their ecommerce customer communications are clear and effective. Quite a challenge! Our software modules offer online retailers a high-performing solution for their automated and digitalised customer communications. Here you will find more information on how to use our solution and the opportunities associated with it.

What makes our solution so special

First of all, it’s important to know that each of our customers needs a customised solution because their needs and requirements are so very different. Nevertheless, we have the right solution for each and every one of them. It can be integrated into any existing software architecture and can be deployed via web services, cloud hosting or on-premises software. Our solution has a variety of components – which make it so special. The HTML5 format means that it can send sophisticated, complex and highly dynamic emails. Produced quickly and on demand. Offering stability never mind how many enquiries are received at the same time. Managing email templates and PDF attachments that meet your company’s CI requirements at a centralised location outside SAP, or another system, will optimise the document creation process for communications to your customers. Document logics can be reproduced for the conversion thanks to responsive email templates. Cartago’s customer communication solution for the ecommerce sector comes into its own just when other systems reach the limits of their capabilities.

How does our solution for the e-commerce sector work?

Cartago’s customer communication solution for the ecommerce sector is a modulised solution that interacts with two other products. It ensures that all aspects of online order processing can be automated and managed electronically – from the order confirmation and order processing through to the invoice and payment reminder. The templates for the emails are produced in the Cartago®Live Designer. HTML5 is used to create responsive email templates in accordance with customer criteria. This means that the emails will render well on any device or screen size. The other advantage is that HTML5 allows for layout adjustments and also makes it possible to make changes to the content, or include product images. This is not possible in SAP because it only supports plain text emails. The data for the email communications are extracted from the company’s SAP system, or from other software architectures or in-house systems. The emails are produced on demand in the Cartago®Live DocEngine by marrying up the data with the relevant template. Furthermore, a special programming function enables the system to create emails with more complicated structures. These may contain information relating to anything from bottle return deposits, VAT, discounts and photos to delayed payment plans and embedded Google tracking pixels. In this way each individual customer automatically receives a customised reply.

Our solution – a must-have system, for situations in which…

you want to automate and digitalise your ecommerce customer communications.

you have high expectations when it comes to performance, complexity and image.

you have outgrown your existing system. It can no longer cope with the complexity of on-demand communications, nor can it provide the necessary stability.

Optimising your document creation processes for communications with online shoppers will unlock significant savings potential (you can save up to 60 % of your costs)

Important aspects of the system and its application

Centralised document management

The templates for the email and PDF attachments are stored at a centralised location outside the SAP system, or another system, and can be managed by your business units.

On-demand production

Online shops frequently receive high volumes of requests for HTML emails or PDF attachments within short periods of time. A 4-core processor ensures that our email production systems are always able to perform (5000 pages/15 minutes). Our system is capable of scaling with your business by means of additional load balancers and processors.

HTML5 responsive design

HTML5 doesn’t just produce responsive designs. It allows you to integrate photographs and product imagery into your emails.

Special programming functions

A special programming function enables the system to create emails with complicated structures containing information relating to anything from bottle return deposits and VAT to discounts and embedded photos.

Security and transport

Several systems running in parallel mean that new templates can be tested extensively, software can be updated and performance requirements measured by means of load testing.

Modular set-up of our ecommerce solution

Cartago®Live Designer

Creating and managing templates

Cartago®Live Doc Engine

Automated document processing

Key benefits

Our services

Who benefits from our ecommerce solution

Online retailers need an email customer communication system that is automated and high-performing. Our ecommerce solution is a great choice for all organisations that have complex, high-volume email response requirements. It is already popular with online discount stores across all ecommerce sectors and as a customer management tool. 

Are you looking for the right solution for your online operations?

Do you have questions about the requirements and capabilities? Then get in touch with us! To discuss your application further please use the form opposite to book a free, no-obligation consultation. Our team is here to help!
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