We are committed to environmental and climate protection!

Sustainable management: More of it, please!

Climate protection and sustainability are the focus of much attention these days. This also requires a change in thinking on the part of companies. There are many good reasons why we are committed to sustainability:
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Competitive advantages

Those who address sustainability at an early stage can position themselves as innovative and future-oriented and thus attract potential customers. Cartago is an innovation driver in digital document management.
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Financial advantages

Sustainability measures can save significant costs, as our core topic of digital document management demonstrates every day.
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Ethical responsibility

We see it as our responsibility to contribute to a sustainable future and are committed to social and environmental issues, not just today.
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Large companies increasingly require their suppliers and service providers to prove that they have reduced their own CO2 emissions.

That’s why we want to get involved in environmental and climate protection. In doing so, we have found that we have already implemented many good ideas. After all, if you are environmentally conscious in your private life, you also have the right to work in a company that operates sustainably.

Of course, we want to do even better and are therefore taking a conscious and proactive approach to the issue.

How we live environmental and climate protection

Cartago übernimmt aktiv soziale Verantwortung in Landshut. Denn Firmenchef Manuel Niemeyer ist überzeugt davon, dass die äußere Leistungsfähigkeit auf der Kraft der inneren Stärke beruht. Darum unterstützen er und sein Team tatkräftig verschiedene soziale Projekte in Landshut. – der wunderschönen gotischen Stadt vor den Toren Münchens – der Heimat des Unternehmens. Gerade Corona hat gezeigt, dass in Bezug auf Familie und die soziale Situation vor Ort noch viel getan werden muss. Gefördert werden Projekte und Aktionen, die den Teammitgliedern besonders am Herzen liegen.

Our new ÖkoMax tariff is not only 100% Landshut hydropower. One cent per kilowatt hour consumed is also invested in the expansion of renewable energies. In other words, genuinely sustainable, eco and regional!

Our partners Strato and Hetzner rely on renewable energies, energy-efficient hardware and also indirect minimization of all emissions, up to the complete compensation of the CO₂ footprint.

We have established an environmental group to consider meaningful measures for sustainability and environmental protection. In addition, anyone can submit their suggestions and ideas to the environmental group. The group will check if and how it can be implemented.
As an innovation driver in digital document management, we naturally also work paperless in all areas and only print what is absolutely necessary.
Home office has proven itself, which is why our employees can work from home to a large extent if they wish and only come to the office two or three days a week. This saves many kilometers of travel
We attach great importance to avoiding plastic waste. Therefore, we have our water delivered in glass bottles by a regional company in Landshut.
Internally, we only use recycled paper. This is an important contribution to environmental protection, the conservation of resources and especially the preservation of the forest.
Only organic tea and coffee is served to the team and guests in meetings. Organic fruit, unpackaged and lovingly draped in colorful bowls, means healthy snacking without remorse.
We separate plastic and residual waste, paper, compost, glass, electronic waste and hazardous waste. Because with effective waste separation, we help to reduce environmental pollution and conserve resources.

Apart from the fact that we only print what is necessary, we only use refillable cartridges.

With Christmas gifts, we not only want to please our customers, but also support regional businesses at the same time. That’s why we like to give presents or vouchers from Landshut – without packaging waste, of course.
Basically, it has always been important to us that the office is located near the train station so that employees and customers can travel by train. All business trips within Germany are always made by train.
We prefer digital meetings. In today’s new working world, this is well accepted. That’s why we also conduct our product training online.

Once a month we have pizza day. We use it to talk about sustainability as a team. Openly and constructively. Through the discussions and our measures, we not only minimize our carbon footprint, but also strengthen the awareness of the entire team to act sustainably. At home and in the office.

Turning off appliances, unplugging, turning down the heat. Everyone actively participates.

Awarded for environmental and climate protection

The Bavarian Ministry of the Environment would like to motivate companies and state institutions to commit themselves to environmental and climate protection. That is why it has launched the Environment and Climate Pact. The Cartago team is proud to announce that in January 2023, the company was awarded the certificate of the Bavarian Ministry of the Environment for its commitment to environmental and climate protection as part of this initiative. “We have set ourselves the goal of solving the digital transformation in document management in a sustainable, smart and cost-reducing way – for a greener world. In doing so, the combination of ecology and economy is almost anchored in our corporate DNA,” explains Managing Director Manuel Niemeyer. Cartago is thus sending out a green signal for the future.

Digital and paperless for a greener world

Digitalization and sustainability go hand in hand. With ever new and innovative solutions, we also support our renowned customers from all industries in reducing their digital CO2 footprint. Together, we make climate protection more successful!

Project examples for sustainable business

Your company also wants to go digital and paperless for a greener world? We'd love to be there for you!

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