Certificate for environmental and climate protection

The Bavarian Ministry of the Environment has awarded us a certificate for our commitment to environmental and climate protection. We are very proud of this! The Ministry of the Environment wants to motivate companies to commit themselves to environmental and climate protection. To this end, it has launched the Environment and Climate Pact. Our team took part with commitment. “We have set ourselves the goal of solving the digital transformation in document management in a sustainable, smart and cost-cutting way – for a greener world,” explained our Managing Director Manuel Niemeyer at the award ceremony. “In doing so, the combination of ecology and economy is virtually anchored in our corporate DNA.” With this, we are sending a green signal for the future!

Read here how we live environmental and climate protection at Cartago.

Digital and paperless for a greener world

Digitalization and sustainability go hand in hand.

With ever new and innovative solutions, we also support our renowned customers from all industries in reducing their digital CO2 footprint. Together, we make climate protection more successful!

Project examples for sustainable business

  • Digital payroll for a major automotive company
  • Digital acceptance of prefabricated houses: House inspection and associated expert reports
  • Online store for discounter
  • Digital files/ personnel files for the public sector and social economy 
  • Digital signature
  • Digital dispatch letters – delivery letters with subsequent archiving for production and industry Digital label design to streamline shipping documents by creating barcodes
  • Digital insurance and damage reports
  • Digital contract creation

Your company also wants to go digital and paperless for a greener world?

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Why you should rely on e-invoice with ZUGFeRD now

In times of digitalization, the introduction of e-invoicing and the ZUGFeRD standard in particular has fundamentally changed the management of financial processes. Companies are now facing the challenge of preparing for the upcoming obligation to issue invoices electronically in the B2B sector from January 1, 2025.

However, this changeover is not just a legal requirement, but also an opportunity to become more efficient and competitive. In this blog article, we take a closer look at the importance of e-invoicing and the ZUGFeRD standard as well as the benefits

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