What career opportunities are there at Cartago?

Regardless of whether someone is starting out in professional life, is about to take their first career step or wants to get started as an “old hand”, Cartago is a good employer for anyone who wants to advance digitalization with heart and commitment.

Career steps

Cartago offers its employees development opportunities. Congratulations to Natalya Miller, who has been promoted to Head of our Support & QA department, and Jason Reed, who has become Deputy Development Manager.


Thanks to many referrals from enthusiastic customers, our customer base is growing and so is the challenge to stay innovative and keep developing new solutions. Therefore, our team needs to grow as well.

We are happy to welcome four new colleagues who are not only outstandingly qualified professionally, but also fit in humanly with us and our values. Dominik is the “new guy” in system administration/DevOps. Alex supports the team in application development and Baran from Turkey in frontend development. Elena is the new project assistant and assistant to our managing director Manuel Niemeyer. Maybe we can welcome you in our team soon?


Young people can take their first step into the professional world with us. For our three new trainees – Valentin as a merchant for digitalization management, Elina and Daniel in application development – a new phase of life is now beginning at Cartago. In addition to technical competence, we also want them to develop an awareness of current challenges and learn to take responsibility. Furthermore, as a team, we want to help strengthen the young people’s social skills.

By the way, we pick up the young people where they are: on social media. That’s why we have our own Instagram channel for our trainees and interns:



For a smooth start at Cartago, new colleagues receive a helpful on-boarding with a personal contact person at their side. Of course, Cartago also provides the necessary work equipment for the home office.

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