Labeling at Scherdel

How Cartago Software GmbH supports SCHERDEL in mastering all special barcode requirements and making them fit for the future.


SCHERDEL GmbH is a medium-sized family business with over 130 years of experience in the processing of metallic wire and strip. With 35 locations worldwide and more than 6800 employees, the group of companies covers a broad spectrum, from forming technology, assembly and joining technology to surface technology and machine, tool and plant construction. Not only in the automotive sector, but also in growing markets such as medical, electrical and energy technology, they support their customers as a partner in the development of new innovative products – always according to the principle: ‘Progress based on tradition’.

“With “Cartago Designer”, we got a tool for professional form and label development.

Thanks to a very good familiarization process, we were able to develop and use the first form after a short time, which met with a high level of acceptance. We are very satisfied with the support, always receive feedback and, if possible, prompt suggestions for solutions.

Special thanks go to the entire Cartago team!

It’s fun to use and work with them!”

Team „EDI & Print“ der Integral-Scherdel Consulting GmbH

The challenge

SCHERDEL was faced with the challenge of optimizing the creation process for labels and barcodes to meet the constantly growing requirements. On the one hand, the customers, mostly international car manufacturers, set strict design specifications. On the other hand, special VDA barcodes and delivery and transport notes must adhere to certain specifications to avoid fines. The previous solution consisted of a proprietary data procurement tool for creating the labels, which had been developed and programmed by long-standing employees. However, it could only be used by these employees.

SCHERDEL was therefore looking for a future-proof overall solution that was independent of individual persons. It had to fulfil the highest requirements for both the design of documents and the physical output on printers. In the end, the company decided in favor of the Landshut-based software company’s solution.

Goals for the new labelling

The solution

The project initially required dedicated preparatory work by SCHERDEL. The focus was on a clear structure, including the labelling of modules, the creation of a structure tree and defined rules for the template design. The aim was to ensure that

document content is controlled, modules are easier to find, and the entire document management process runs smoothly. Last but not least, this should make it easier to familiarize employees and hand over to new team members. The Cartago team already provided active support during this phase with valuable input and its many years of experience.


The system landscapes at the various locations were then recreated and synchronized. This enabled the areas of production, document delivery, label handling and marketing to be standardized. In future, the templates can be implemented easily and quickly for site expansions and in other countries.

The outdated data procurement tool was replaced by the innovative software solution from Cartago. A master data concept was defined and implemented in Cartago®Live Designer. Design options were considered in the software, such as iteration, dynamic tables and various types of barcodes, including explicit VDA labels. The first developments of documents, forms and labels were created in a test environment.

The previously varying business templates at the different locations and the corporate design were standardized using the Cartago®Live Designer and the options offered by conditional based rules. Cartago®Live Designer can also easily cover all special design requirements.

SCHERDEL’s own IT and technical team received training from the Cartago team on how to use Cartago®Live Designer and were then able to implement the master data concept and document designs themselves – always in consultation and with support from Cartago if required. The one-week training concept included training plans for beginners in document design as well as for advanced users. The training focused on the concrete requirements of the documents and their specific properties. Thanks to the Cartago®Live Designer, the application has now become simple and transparent. In the event of staff changes or illness, another employee can quickly take over the work after a short familiarization period.

With Cartago®Live Designer, SCHERDEL will be on the safe side for transport labelling in the future. Whether barcodes, serial numbers and combinations, line separation or reverse specifications with background color black or white and also corresponding adaptation of the information, font specifications and size and, last but not least, images of graphics – the exact specifications can be easily implemented with the Cartago®Live Designer. Precise, standardized positioning and easy to read. This applies to the illustration of VDA codes. This avoids penalties.

Added value for the SCHERDEL company


All project goals were successfully realized within six months. SCHERDEL was more than satisfied with the creation of delivery notes and order confirmations as well as the special focus on label creation with VDA codes. Follow-up projects to expand the barcode requirements and optimize order and delivery confirmations are already being planned. The partnership-based cooperation with open communication and the short response times with rapid support have firmly anchored the Cartago solutions in SCHERDEL’s business processes. They form a solid basis for future developments in the field of document management and barcode labelling at SCHERDEL.

Labeling at Scherdel

How Cartago Software GmbH supports SCHERDEL in mastering all special barcode requirements and making them

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