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How Cartago Software GmbH supports Versicherungskammer Bayern in standardising its document processes and makes output management fit for the future.
The Versicherungskammer Group is an insurer of persons and property. It is the largest public insurer nationwide and the seventh largest primary insurer in Germany. 15 insurance companies and several strong regional brands make Versicherungskammer Bayern, which was founded over 200 years ago, an “insurer of the regions” with business areas in Bavaria, Berlin, Brandenburg, the Palatinate and Saarland.

The challenge

The Versicherungskammer Bayern (VKB) was faced with the challenge of standardising the document creation process in terms of appearance and content and optimising it overall. The aim was to tame the “document proliferation” that had arisen in the longestablished and widely ramified group with a large number of employees in the office and in the field. For economic reasons and in order to better satisfy customer needs, other output channels should be flexibly enabled in addition to document output, which has so far mainly been paper-based.
In addition, a central resource and application management was aimed at so that software distribution to the affected clerk PCs would no longer be necessary. Finally, requirements such as WYSIWYG design, simpler tests or versioning should be possible more quickly. Since the previous ten-year-old solution could no longer meet the technical and professional requirements, the process was initiated in 2007 to find a new solution for reliable output management.

Goals for the new output management

After a lengthy selection process, VKB opted for the then start-up company Cartago Software with its partner Compart, which was already established on the market. The decisive factors were the flexibility and integration capability of the new solution and the fact that its use as a web application meant that no installations were required at the workstations.

The solution

Cartago®Live was used for the first time in 2009, initially in the real estate credit division. Cartago integrated its solution into the EOS (Extended Output System), which VKB developed at the same time. The structure of the data transfer was adapted to the XML format and standardised. With great commitment, the employees of Cartago Software trained the responsible persons of VKB to become experts in the use of Cartago® Designer. All those involved participated enthusiastically and were able to create various document templates for all eventualities themselves after the training. The document creation was accompanied by a standardisation process. It was determined which contents a document must have, which areas can be changed by a clerk and which are already fixed on the respective document template. In addition, the solution from Cartago Software provides a millimetre-precise implementation of the design wishes regarding the layout of the documents. The office staff can call up the documents directly via the EOS system and make final individual changes. These are interactive documents that can be forwarded to the required places for editing, archiving or printing with just a few clicks. Cartago was able to quickly eliminate minor “birth pains” at the beginning of the implementation of the then still young software. Here, the software company from Landshut showed its great strength. A personal and always informed contact person was only a phone call away for VKB at any time. VKB’s wishes were always taken seriously by Cartago and implemented in a joint further development. In particular, the functional scope of the new solution could be extended by versioning. The project participants communicated openly and uncomplicatedly with each other, which made the cooperation easy and effective.

Added value for Versicherungskammer Bayern


„With Cartago’s products for document design, we have found a solution in which our requirements for a customer-oriented output are optimally implemented.

By using the diverse features, we were able to optimise our internal processes.

At the same time, the cooperation with the Cartago team is at eye level and uncomplicated.
We are very satisfied with the support.”

Frank Nevels, IT Service Owner / IT Product Owner,
Versicherungskammer Bayern

In the end, the new solution was a complete success with standardised, high-quality document management. The document creation processes have become simpler, quality-assured and more cost-effective. Above all, they are also future-proof.

The new Cartago solution was so convincing that it has since been and is being successively established in other lines of business. Not least because of the good human and professional cooperation, the Versicherungskammer Bayern will continue to rely on the Landshut-based software company in the future. 

Cartago Software

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