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How the SolutionBox from Experis and Cartago Software GmbH automates the IT staffing agency Talent Solutions in the billing of working and project times in a future-proof manner

Talent Solutions GmbH is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) and a brand under the umbrella of ManpowerGroup. It offers comprehensive and flexible services for all aspects of recruitment. These include solutions along the entire talent lifecycle, from employee search and selection to placement and monthly billing. The example presented here involves the placement of IT specialists by Talent Solutions GmbH with a large German financial services company.

The challenge

Talent Solutions was faced with the challenge of automating the process chain from the request and ordering process of service orders and employee leasing to invoicing and cancellation. This was because both Talent Solutions and the financial services provider had, up until that point, required many manual steps for invoicing. This cost time on both sides and was also prone to errors.

The financial services provider purchased all goods and services company-wide using an in-house system. To manage the demand and purchase of external project staff, Talent Solutions needed an additional system – in this case, the SAP Fieldglas (VMS) vendor management system. However, this stand-alone solution had no interfaces to automatically transfer data and
information to another system. Therefore, the billing data had to be forwarded in a manual
intermediate step.
In the first phase of the project, the quality of the service accounting was to be improved. There was an urgent need for a solution that would automate the billing process – from the receipt of data to the creation of billing documents and electronic invoicing.

Goals for the billing process

In a further project phase, inquiry and order processes were to be automated. For this purpose, an automatic interface linking the financial service provider’s web store and the SAP Fieldglas vendor management system was to be created.

The SolutionBox - a joint solution from Experis and Cartago Software.

To solve these challenges, Experis and Cartago Software have teamed up closely to leverage their synergies and jointly develop SolutionBox:

Experis is a globally successful IT service provider and combines digital transformation with the human factor. Over 1000 internationally experienced IT experts, in this case with expertise in HR, IT, operations and strategy, provide support for all IT challenges. They were supported by Cartago Software as a reliable partner to realize the document output requirements with high flexibility and integration capabilities. In doing so, Cartago Software primarily relied on a service-oriented architecture, modern HTML 5 technology and the separation of data retrieval and layout maintenance.

The solution

As a rule, invoicing is initiated in the customer’s own webshop and the ZUGFeRD-compliant invoicing process is started automatically. Service orders that are not recorded in the web store are manually entered and confirmed by a financial service provider employee at the end of the billing period. The transaction data, i.e. the monthly variable information for invoicing, is transferred as a trigger to the digital invoicing solution from Experis and Cartago. Now the transaction data is combined with the master data, which is fetched once a day from the Fieldglass master database. The following documents are created from the collected data

These documents are sent to automated accounting systems via e-mail, web interface or file transfer, archived or sent as e-mail with attachments to service providers. For each outgoing document package, the system generates daily, weekly and monthly reports. This way, HR management always has an overview of the services billed.

Cartago®Live DocEngine and Cartago®Live Data Manager are the key modules that merge the data, create the necessary documents, and store the relevant information in a database. In addition, AWS has leased application servers, email servers, and database servers.

Added value of the SolutionBox for Talent Solutions and the customer:


In the end, the implementation of Experis SolutionBox was a great success for all parties involved. Both the financial services provider and Talent Solutions were very satisfied with the new solution. Especially because billing could now be done in real time, which significantly improved cash flow. The SolutionBox also virtually eliminated the high error rate in billing. Thus, Cartago and Experis have jointly created a solution from which other Talent Solutions customers can also benefit in the future.

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