Enterprise labeling at Kraus & Naimer

Austrian family business relies on Bavarian innovation
Kraus & Naimer, an Austrian company with a long manufacturing tradition, has been successfully supplying electrical switchgear to industrial customers around the world for over 110 years. Franz Kraus and Lorenz Naimer founded the company in Vienna in 1907. This was the period of the Industrial Revolution known as the Gilded Age. Today, the company is the global market leader in the field of cam switches. In addition to its largest production site in Weikersdorf (Lower Austria), the “Made in Austria” success story continues at five other production sites across the world (Germany, Hungary, America, Brazil and New Zealand). Every day, the company produces approximately 11,000 switches of various types. These are sold through its own sales organisations in 18 different countries across almost all continents. Kraus & Naimer’s products are used in fields such as mechanical engineering, shipping, rail transport and industrial manufacturing. The company employs some 900 people worldwide and is known for its “innovation and quality”.
“We have always had a pioneering spirit and the desire to pursue excellence. We enjoy rising to the challenges of the future and continue to concentrate our efforts on technology, quality and know-how.” Joachim (Ted) L. Naimer, Chief Executive Officer

The requirements

A group-wide SAP rollout saw us wanting to introduce a new document management system with the intention of replacing technologies such as SAPscript, SmartForms and other legacy systems. Besides planning to implement a uniform printer management system, the focus was also on harmonising our global corporate identity (CI) within the company’s document management system. This was to be designed and maintained at a centralised location and successively rolled out worldwide. However, it was particularly important that the solution we agreed on was able to manage the design and production of labels, as well as meet our documentation needs. The new system would also have to be capable of designing labels of different sizes within a complex business logic.

The solution

The distinguishing feature of our solution is that the data and design levels are handled separately. This means that business units without software developer expertise are able to carry out design work on the layouts of the finished documents, or labels, themselves. It also reduces the maintenance of our SAP programmes as they no longer need to support technologies such as SAPScript. Cartago was able to build on existing expertise in the transfer of business documents while enabling completely new design options. The template editor for the label design now features an improved zoom and raster functionality that makes it easy to design and manage labels that are sometimes only 5mm high. Image files can be extracted from the database during the production process, offering a quick and easy way to produce labels and create international business documents. Document rules controlling outputs from the standard Cartago product have been put in place to ensure that all templates meet the company’s CI requirements. At the output stage it is particularly important that the system is able to generate the right file format for the label printer and provide the necessary print settings for the printer type. Cartago partnered with SEAL Systems to provide support with deep integration into SAP Business Suite and high-performance spooling. Cartago also provided a centralised monitoring process, high-performance print outputs of labels and document security by means of stamps and watermarks.

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