Cartago’s solution for legacy output management systems of competitors in the field of customer communication

The big challenge

Some of our competitors’ process-integrated correspondence software solutions cover customer-specific and automated communication needs in the enterprise. In a few years, however, they will no longer be available. Insurance companies are particularly affected, as 75 percent of the top 30 German insurers use these software solutions. They are also widely used in the banking sector.

Following the discontinuation of competitors’ output management systems for customer communications, many companies in the insurance and banking sectors are now facing a difficult challenge. Not only do they have to find a new solution, but they also have to transfer all existing documents in various levels of complexity to a new system. The affected companies need to quickly rethink their future OMS strategy.

Cartago solution offers new opportunities 

However, the discontinuation is also an opportunity to update the level of digitalization and customer focus. With our Cartago®Live release management, we support banks and insurance companies on their way to a new solution.

From strategic consulting to a custom-fit, individual solution. Take advantage of our extensive expertise and experience to migrate your systems to a new output management system. Secure and stable. Our support is always there for you.

Learn more about our Cartago®Live release management.

Read in the success story, why the Versicherungskammer Bayern, the largest personal and property insurer in Germany, relies on our Cartago®Live release management relies on. 

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Output Management Versicherungsbranche

Why you should rely on e-invoice with ZUGFeRD now

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